Sheet masks are the ultimate treat for your skin. It acts as a mini facial where serums saturated with active ingredients are delivered into the skin through a vehicle (the sheet), to give you that boost of nutrients in a short period of time! Sheet masks are generally differentiated according to their functions, materials, or ingredients. Most sheet masks have specific functions such as brightening, moisturizing, acne-control or anti-aging. Sheet masks are usually hygienically packed in individual vacuum-sealed sachets, prepped with a whole load of nutrient-rich serums, making it convenient and effective.  


History of sheet masks.

Discovered in the 1800s, Parisian women used to wrapped their faces with slices of raw beef to avoid signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Later on, they started using ready-made cloth face masks infused with moisturizers, face oils and vitamins to replace the use of raw beef as masks. This innovative discovery made by Parisians serve as a forerunner to the sheet masks we know today.


What are the different materials of sheet masks?

You may have heard or tried out all sorts of masks in the market. There’s cotton, microfiber, charcoal, bubble, foil, and the list goes on.. 

There are other special materials, such as biocellulose, an all natural fiber made of fermented coconut juice that adheres to your skin like having a second layer of skin. It is very similar to hydrogels which are made up of the serum themselves and will melt slightly when it comes in contact with the skin. Its strong adhesion allows active ingredients to be delivered more effectively into the skin, rather than evaporating into the air. 

Another revolutionary material is the graphene sheet, made up of carbon atoms that possess unique electrical properties, lined into hexagonal shapes (think honeycomb). The carbon molecules are so tiny they are the perfect vehicle size to carry skin-improving ingredients deep into the skin layers. The carbon molecules also emit the same infrared rays as our body, meaning when the electro-pulses are in sync, the skin’s conductivity and cell metabolism is enhanced, allowing better absorption of mask ingredients, at the same time enhancing collagen production, cellular renewal and damage control. 


How many times a week should I sheet mask?

Sheet masks alone will not be able to treat skin conditions or replace all other homecare regimes. At TheoryBox, we believe that a proper daily regime that consists of proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection with adequate SPF during the day is the key to happy skin. 

Our masks are function masks packed so full of actives that they don’t require daily use. 

Tips to creating your sheet mask schedule with TheoryBox sheet masks:

  1. Look at your skin: Your skin’s needs may vary according to genetics, age, diet, environment and lifestyle which can also change from time to time. 
  2. Pay attention to the condition of your skin and choose a function sheet mask accordingly. It may not be the frequency of masking that’s affecting your skin but the actual product you are using. We recommend trying our quiz to get your personalized regime. It is the easiest way to try different masks and find the best ones for you.
  3. Depending on your climate, work or travel schedule, you may need to decrease or increase your sheet mask frequency.

An easy way to start implementing our function mask into your skincare routine is by fixing one mask day every week. 


How do I choose the right sheet mask?

Just as how your body requires an adequate balance of nutrients, your skin requires a balance of essentials as well. All 3 of our function sheet masks work differently to repair, protect and nourish your skin. That is why we suggest alternating between the function sheet masks every week to allow a healthier balance of what your skin is receiving, to keep it healthy and strong. 


When do I use my sheet mask?

Sheet masks are great to use during your night routine as it allows all the ingredients to sink in properly while you are sleeping. You can also use it during the day before applying make up. 


Where does it fit into my skincare routine?

The recommended routine is to cleanse, sheet mask, and moisturize after. Always remember your sunscreen if you are applying your sheet mask during the day.


How long do I leave the sheet mask on my face?

Sheet masks may have all things good but leaving it on for too long may cause the sheet to dry out and actually start absorbing moisture from the skin. Remember to keep sheet masking between 15-25 minutes max. 


There’s extra essense in the sachet.

Yes we made sure to put some extra goodness in it for you to use all over your arms, neck, elbows, knees, anywhere you want to apply! Get someone to put if over your back if needed. 


Can I reuse a sheet mask?

Hmm.. Nope! Sheet masks are for one time use only.



Ready to start your sheet mask regime towards achieving happier, healthier skin?

Start now by taking the quiz to find out which regime suits you best.